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Restaurant Service Yin & Yang, by Jamaal Simmons

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Written by Jamaal Simmons

Jamaal Simmons visually shows us the importance of opposite yet equal forces working in harmony.

“FOH / BOH can be like two different worlds at times, but both are highly dependent on each other to achieve true harmony and service nirvana.”

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About the author

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Jamaal Simmons

I’m Jamaal Simmons or Jam for short. Born in Boston Massachusetts, lived in Charlotte N.C. from ages 3-11 where my dad trained me in the arts, then headed right back to Boston, and I’ve been loving the city ever since. Anyone who knows me know that my nerd levels are through the roof. Comics (especially wolverine), video games (especially fighting games), and film (especially if animated) are my holy trinity. I find art and creativity to be the common denominator in everything I love.