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Last Call: The Life Cycle of a Modern Day Chef & Fringe Cocktails

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Written by Korsha Wilson

Welcome to “Last Call” where you can find some of the best and most interesting articles about food and restaurants that were published this week. Perfect for reading during the commute to work or for discussing over a post-shift drink.

The Life-Cycle of a Modern-Day Chef via First We Feast
A bleak look at the ‘steps’ of becoming a celebrity chef in today’s day and age. The writer is Richie Nakano, a West-Coast chef who got into a boat load of social media drama last year when he walked away from his restaurant after a dispute with new owners. While it’s certainly funny, I am curious to know if there is a more positive spin to it and if there are more alternative routes to being a well-known chef?

This Whole Millennials + Food Obsession Seems Like It’s Here to Stay  via Bon AppetitScreen shot 2015-08-06 at 1.45.40 PM
Millennials, the group of people born between 1980 and 2000, are obsessed with food if you haven’t noticed. Just search the hashtag ‘food porn’ on Instagram or Twitter and you’ll find lots and lots of iPhone food photos taken by millennials. This article looks at how this obsession has impacted the food world and why this generation is willing to spend 25% of their (meager) paychecks on artisanal toast and craft beer.

Cocktails on the Fringe via The New York Times
With Americans exposure to food and cocktails growing, it’s no surprise that cocktail lists have started to include drinks made with obscure ingredients. Some of these drinks are put on the list even though bartenders and managers know that they’re not going to be a ‘crowd-pleaser’ or will have a very niche group of people that like them. This is an interesting look at why bartenders are now crafting cocktail lists that include drinks that most people won’t like.

It’s Official; No One Really Likes Using iPads to Order in Restaurants via Munchies
Remember all of the news about technology invading the dining room and servers being replaced by robots? Or this news article about a restaurant that used drones to deliver meals to diners? Well, it turns out guests actually don’t like using iPads and other tech tools created to replace humans in restaurants. Most people would actually prefer to interact with a human when they go out to eat. Go figure!

How do millennials decide where to eat? via Toast
This blog post by Toast Labs, a POS system company, dissects the results of a nationwide survey done on millennials and why they choose to eat at certain restaurants. Why would someone care where millennials are eating? This age group spends about $600 billion dollars annually in this country and the amount of times that they go out to eat per week is shrinking. In this post, Toast lists some ways that restaurant owners can capture some of the millennial market share.

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Korsha Wilson

Korsha is a contributing editor for the Industry Press and a freelance food writer. She loves hospitality and is obsessed with the restaurant world and the people that work in it. She loves salt cod, Old Bay seasoning and french fries.