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Last Call: Restaurant Memories & Rent-a-Grandma

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Written by Korsha Wilson

Welcome to “Last Call” where you can find some of the best and most interesting articles about food and restaurants that were published this week. Perfect for reading during the commute to work or for discussing over a post-shift drink.

Landmarks Look to Recapture Old Magic via Boston Globe
Iconic Boston restaurant spaces that housed restaurants like Lock-Ober, Rialto and Upstairs on the Square are re-opening with new concepts and new teams. Most of the restaurants going into these spaces haven’t even opened yet but they still feel the pressure of having really big shoes to fill. The Boston Globe asks if it’s possible these new restaurants to create new memories for diners in spaces that have so much history. And how are these restaurants incorporating elements of their former tenants into new concepts?

Off-premise Dining Growing via Dallas Morning News
This awesome infographic takes a look at how diners are eating in the fast food and fast casual segment of restaurants. By now, it’s common knowledge that more Americans are eating fast food than ever before and convenience, price and accessibility have all been cited as factors as to why this is happening. This graphic looks at another piece of this puzzle, which is what’s happening after people order from a restaurant. Click the link to take a look at how Americans are getting their food and how they’re eating it.

Winemaker Maggie Harrison’s Restaurant Takeover via Food and Wine
Consider the wine dinner and its standard format: winemaker sits at table while diners listen to stories about where/how/why the wine tastes the way that it tastes. Maggie Harrison, a winemaker in Oregon, is looking to change this format by hosting pop-up dinners where winemakers cook, serve and bus tables at dinners that feature their wine. Food and Wine writes about the first dinner that she hosted with two winemakers and how they managed to balance prep and dinner service.

Rent a Grandma Online to Whip You Up a Home-cooked Meal via First We Feast
The online meal-delivery service industry has exploded and now includes Lou Papé, a service that connects users with a Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 2.28.30 PMgrandmother who will craft a home-cooked meal in your kitchen and clean up all of the dishes. The service is only available in France right now and is intended to create an authentic food experience for its users. I’m sure that the food is delicious, but the process sounds a little creepy:

“There are photos of the cooks, their age is listed (the eldest is 60, the youngest 58) and a menu shows what they will prepare for your dinner party if hired, with a price that varies per grandparent.”

The company plans to expand to other countries in the future. Would you sign up? Do you think this service creates the “authentic” food experience that the company says it does?

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Korsha Wilson

Korsha is a contributing editor for the Industry Press and a freelance food writer. She loves hospitality and is obsessed with the restaurant world and the people that work in it. She loves salt cod, Old Bay seasoning and french fries.