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Last Call: The Money Shot, Krug App & More

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Written by Korsha Wilson

Welcome to “Last Call” where you can find some of the best and most interesting articles about food and restaurants that were published this week. Perfect for reading during the commute to work or for discussing over a post-shift drink.

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 11.42.51 AMA Crime of Passion: When the Love of Yogurt Burned Too Bright via NPR Food
This past week, NPR Food focused most of their coverage on the world of yogurt and uncovered this story about Edgar Diaz, former owner of  Three Happy Cows, a yogurt company in Texas that went out of business two years ago despite being wildly successful. Diaz, the man who single-handedly started the company and came up with the recipe, admitted to burning the Texas warehouse to the ground and killing his company- but why?

Can the Ingredient Supply Chain Keep Up With the Non-GMO Tsunami? via Civil Eats
Chefs have been advocating for small, local, non-GMO and organic producers for a while now, and larger companies are starting to catch up. With companies like Chipotle and Ben & Jerry’s announcing that they are making their entire product lines GMO-free, Civil Eats asks the question, ‘where is all of this food going to come from and can we produce enough of it in America to meet demand?’

New Krug App Tells Detailed Story About Your Champagne  via Food and Wine, FWx
Have you ever been drinking a bottle of Krug, the champagne that many chefs name as the one wine they’d have with their last meal, and yearned for more information about your particular bottle? Well, you’re in luck! Not only do you have excellent taste in wine but now you also have access to ‘Krug ID’.  Krug has introduced a new app that will give you the number of grapes that gave their life for your particular bottle of wine, what you should listen to while you drink it and a personal note from the chef de caves about why your bottle is distinctive. Cheers!

“The Money Shot” via San Francisco MagazineScreen shot 2015-07-17 at 11.45.14 AM
There are a lot of articles about diners and their obsession with Instagramming their food. This article focuses on how chefs are beginning to design their entire dining rooms based on this trend and also create dishes that capitalize off of it. The move towards ‘stunt-food,’ as the author calls it, may even be equaling more sales for restaurants and there seems to be no end in sight. Is this a trend that’s here to stay?
Want to read more about the chef-Instagram connection? We did an article on the topic and you can read it here.

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Korsha Wilson

Korsha is a contributing editor for the Industry Press and a freelance food writer. She loves hospitality and is obsessed with the restaurant world and the people that work in it. She loves salt cod, Old Bay seasoning and french fries.