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Last Call: Esca, Everclear & the Solidarity Fridge

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Written by Korsha Wilson

Welcome to “Last Call” where you can find some of the best and most interesting articles about food and restaurants that were published this week. Perfect for reading during the commute to work or for discussing over a post-shift drink.

A Dire Threat to Grapevines  via Wine Spectator
Esca, a disease that attacks the trunk and vine of a grapevine, is plaguing the wine world right now. Esca causes the leaves on grapevines to wither and the grapes to never ripen. It is estimated that 12% of vineyards in France have been affected and are not able to produce wine right now and no one can pinpoint the cause of it or how to stop it. This is definitely a topic to watch and could impact future vintages of wine in the years to come.

Can Everclear Shake its Frat-Boy Image? via Punch Drink Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 10.18.51 AM
Oh, Everclear.  The main ingredient in jungle juice and the “posterchild for bad-decision-drinking”, Everclear has long held a position at the top of the grain-alcohol market. Well, times have changed and the company has launched a new initiative aimed at the craft cocktail movement. Specifically, Everclear wants to leave behind its college associations and become a part of your craft cocktails. Will they be able to do it? Will we eventually associate Everclear with high-quality drinks?

To Cut Food Waste, Spain’s Solidarity Fridge Provides Endless Leftovers via NPR Food
In the Basque region of Spain, the city has a very interesting approach to food waste and food insecurity. In the town center there is a refrigerator where anyone can drop off extra food, and anyone can take out food that they want. Local residents can even find tapas from local restaurants inside this refrigerator.

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 12.37.45 PMHow a ‘Chef’ Can Fool Diners into Preferring Inferior Food  via CNN
CNN conducted a study at a restaurant in Hong Kong to find out if a chef’s presence influences diners perceptions of
quality. The result of the study is interesting to think about in terms of designing guest experiences. It’s not only the chef that can impact the diner’s perception, it’s also the bartenders and waitstaff. Anyone who can articulate a story about why a restaurant’s cocktails or dishes or decor can communicate value to diners.

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Korsha Wilson

Korsha is a contributing editor for the Industry Press and a freelance food writer. She loves hospitality and is obsessed with the restaurant world and the people that work in it. She loves salt cod, Old Bay seasoning and french fries.