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Getting to Know Jamaal Simmons, Industry Alum & Sketch Artist

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Written by Jamaal Simmons

Hello readers. My name is Jamaal Simmons, and I’m an artist living in Boston MA.

I’ve always dreamed of being an illustrator and cartoonist when I was younger, but for one reason or another felt that it was nothing more than a dream. It was after college when the feeling really sunk in that I should stop dreaming and get a “real” job. For about a decade a worked as doorman and bouncer for various bars and restaurants around Boston. It was quite odd because I put my love on the back burner to become something that I’m naturally not; I’m not some big angry guy who loves telling people what they can and can’t do. I’m usually a fun enforcer, an instigator of laughter and madness. I’ve always aimed to express that in my artwork, and that was missing from my life at the time. I wasn’t creating. I was starving the part of me.

I’ve always loved the creative process of turning raw materials into something beautiful. I’ve seen this beauty in music, movies, and literature. I never thought I would find it in service, and then I began my six year stint at Eastern Standard. It is one of my favorite places to dine, but to work there and witness firsthand the love and thoughtfulness that goes into every aspect of the restaurant is to witness true creativity. I’ve learned many things from working at ES and one of my greatest lessons is to simply do what you love and care about what you do.

Pour your love and passion into everything you create. Only then can your creation become a masterpiece.



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Jamaal Simmons

I’m Jamaal Simmons or Jam for short. Born in Boston Massachusetts, lived in Charlotte N.C. from ages 3-11 where my dad trained me in the arts, then headed right back to Boston, and I’ve been loving the city ever since. Anyone who knows me know that my nerd levels are through the roof. Comics (especially wolverine), video games (especially fighting games), and film (especially if animated) are my holy trinity. I find art and creativity to be the common denominator in everything I love.