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Why we started The Industry Press:

In the restaurant industry, there are conversations to be had and stories to be told that don’t currently have a forum for discussion. We are one restaurant industry, but we lack a place to communicate with each other about the amazing things that are happening within each of our restaurant’s walls and to share our ideas openly. We’re already having these conversations in smaller groups, over a beer after work, but we think its important and about time to put a megaphone to your voices. 

There is something pretty unique about the industry in Boston; there is such a strong sense of community that doesn’t exist in every industry or in every city’s restaurant industry. We’re here to embrace that and shout it from the virtual rooftops. I love this industry, and this is my thank you to embracing me and you, and that guy over there, with open arms.

That’s why we’re here, now, writing The Industry Press.

The Industry Press brings people in the industry together to continue these conversations and to share what we know and what we’re learning with each other.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

A monthly installment of a handful or more articles, and some fun, quick posts to fuel your conversations and daily breaks in between.

We’ll be a resource to fuel your daily meetings and conversations with each other and with guests. We’ll have articles focused on food, beverage, technique, management, service, and hospitality.

We’re also hoping to offer up The Industry Press as a place for folks of the industry to post things that you are passionate about outside of your daily work – a short story, a photo essay, a drawing, a video – whatever it is that you’re kicking ass at.

We’re here to amplify YOUR stories.

Here’s what we’d like from you:

An openness to seeing things you might not expect from an industry magazine. And not seeing the things that you might be expecting.

Your contribution: please submit any and all ideas for articles by you or anyone in the industry who has a story to tell! We welcome meetings, submissions, phone calls, emails, and texts on your schedule, whatever that may be. 

Sharing and caring. Share your thoughts and ideas with your friends, but please remember to be kind when you do!

We’re beyond excited to be here and we look forward to hearing from you and posting your work soon!



*The Industry Press is a subsidiary of Clothbound